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The Advocacy Group has helped dozens of customers to reduce their telecom billing and better manage their communications services. Here are just a few examples of the successes and improvements our customers have experienced:



A large, metropolitan area parking corporation retained The Advocacy Group to perform a telecom bill audit for two of their parking locations. The Advocacy audit uncovered several billing errors and identified lines & services that were no longer needed or being utilized. The changes made as a result of the audit included:

  • Changed access areas on data circuits to reflect correct charges 
  • Charged incorrect long distance usage rates because PICCs were not correctly set up
  • Converted Centrex lines to POTS lines when Centrex features were not needed
  • Removed Linebacker Service when not needed
  • Removed unused lines
  • Placed contracts on data services to reduce monthly billing
  • Removed unused 800 Services

The audit resulted in almost $20,000.00 in refunds and a $1700.00 reduction in their monthly bills. This customer was amazed at the “significant cost savings” in their monthly telecom billing!


A mid-size Midwestern retailer with multiple locations engaged The Advocacy Group to conduct a telecom audit for all of their locations. The Advocacy Group was able to negotiate one-time credits of $212,000.00 with the various telecom providers when the audit revealed that:

·         This customer was still paying for data circuits that were supposed to have been cancelled when they moved.

·         The monthly rates that this customer was paying for data circuits were more than the contract rates they had agreed to pay.


In addition, The Advocacy Group audit reduced the customers monthly telecomm spend by $10,000.00 per month. This was done by:

  • Negotiated term agreements for services, rather than paying the higher month-to-month rates.

  • Cancelled services that they were still paying for when they moved.

  • Deleted "Linebacker" (Maintenance) services for the lines that didn't need it.

  • Cancelled services that were not being used or had been forgotten about when they moved from the various locations.

  • Deleted 3rd Party charges on the bill.



When a mid sized steel fabricator in the Midwest retained The ADVOcacy Group, they reduced their monthly telecom spend on local service from $650.00 per month to $480.00 and avoided paying under utilization charges simply by combining all of their locations under a single bill and putting their services on the appropriate contracts.    More importantly, The ADVOcacy Group audited their cellular service and discovered that almost every user was on the wrong plan based on their calling history and type of call.  By simply putting all of the users on the appropriate group plan and separating “push to talk” calls from regular cellular calls, The ADVOcacy Group reduced their monthly cellular bills by over 50%.  Average monthly Cellular expense dropped from $4,200 to $1,800.


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