The Advocacy Group offers a wide range of services reflecting the breadth and depth of our experience and the skills of our staff. Our goal is to help you reduce expenses and provide ongoing support for all of your telecommunications service needs:

Telecommunications Audit


Collect and analyze client telecommunications information including contracts, invoices, usage reports, inventory data and customer service records from their various providers.

Provide a detailed inventory of all services that a client is being billed.

Verify compliance with existing service contracts.

Identify facilities a client is being billed but is not utilizing.

File claims on a client’s behalf for all over-billings and incorrect charges and manage the process through receipt of a refund.

Identify future cost savings and process improvements.

Telecommunications Expense Management


Maintain the inventory on an ongoing basis. This will include a schedule of contract (and service) expiration dates.

Review entire invoice for accuracy.

Implement the process where all bills are paid on time to avoid late charges.

Dispute all erroneous charges with the carriers.

Provide Client a report of all invoice disputes filed, all credits and refunds obtained and the total amount recovered. 

Provide Client a report that will show variances between monthly invoices on the same accounts. This report can be used to resolve any unauthorized expense increases.

Provide Client a customized report detailing spend on each account issued on a monthly basis.

Project Management


Evaluate and manage changes to internal processes.

Identify circuits and existing services

Uncover network optimization and service migration opportunities

Provide guidance on service provider and carrier options

Develop RFP and manage RFP Process

Manage network implementations

Contract Negotiations


Review and propose contract terms and conditions.

Provide advice and guidance on carrier options in your area.

Determine estimated savings/recommendations.



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