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"Experts agree that telecom services account for one of the five largest expenses for most companies" 

Experts agree that telecom services account for one of the five largest expenses for most companies, and that they are also one of the hardest to manage. Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) can assist you with this thorny problem.

Telecom Expense Management is a complete suite of services to manage and control communications costs on an on-going basis. It includes reviewing and approving invoices, developing and managing bill payment processes, disputing and resolving erroneous charges, providing regular analysis and reporting, and maintaining inventory.  We will customize this program based on your needs.  The following are just a few items we will provide:

v     Maintain the inventory on an ongoing basis.  This will also include a schedule of contract (and service) expiration dates.

v     Review entire invoice for accuracy.

v     Implement the process where all bills are paid on time to avoid late charges.

v     Dispute all erroneous charges with the carriers.


v     Provide Client a report of all invoice disputes filed, all credits and refunds obtained and the total amount recovered. 

v     Provide Client with a report that shows variances between monthly invoices on the same accounts.  This report can be used to resolve any unauthorized expense increases.

v     Provide Client a customized report detailing spend on each account issued on a monthly basis.


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