Telecommunications Audit 


Telecommunications costs are one of the fastest growing ‘expenses per employee’ for most corporations today, yet the simple fact is these expenses are paid as billed, and are not  audited by any acceptable accounting standards.


With broad resources and deep technical know-how, we will collect all data and perform an audit and analysis of a client’s telecom billing.  Our goal is to help you reduce expenses and provide ongoing support for all of your telecommunications service needs.  The telecommunications audit includes the following:


v     Collect and analyze client telecommunications information including contracts, invoices, usage reports, inventory data and customer service records from their various providers.


v     Provide a detailed inventory of all services that a client is being billed.


v     Verify compliance with existing service contracts.


v     Identify facilities a client is being billed for but not utilizing.


v     File claims on a client’s behalf for all over-billings and incorrect charges and manage the process through receipt of a refund.


v     Identify future cost savings and process improvements.





In order to get started, you would need to:


v     Provide us with a copy of your telephone bill.


v     Sign a letter of agency so we can call your service provider to obtain additional records and talk to them about your account.


v     Sign our contract.


We do all the rest. After we review our recommendation with you, any savings you want to implement will be handled by us with your service providers.


For more information, contact us at:

Phone:  630-850-3703



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