Telecom Audit

There are many good reasons why businesses are paying more than they should for telecom services and why they may not have taken steps to correct these leakages:

The ADVO Group provides a staff of auditing professionals with telecommunications expertise that understand telecommunications carriers – their billing systems and deficiencies, their networks, and their contract terms and conditions.

  • Collect and analyze client telecommunications information including contracts, invoices, usage reports, inventory data and customer service records from their various providers.
  •  Provide a detailed inventory of all services that a client is being billed.
  • Verify compliance with existing service contracts. 
  • Identify facilities a client is being billed but is not utilizing.
  •  File claims on a client’s behalf for all over-billings and incorrect charges and manage the process through receipt of a refund.
  •  Identify future cost savings and process improvements.

Expense Management

  • Maintain the inventory on an ongoing basis. This will include a schedule of contract (and service) expiration dates.
  • Review entire invoice for accuracy.
  • Implement the process where all bills are paid on time to avoid late charges.
  • Dispute all erroneous charges with the carriers.
  • Provide Client a report of all invoice disputes filed, all credits and refunds obtained and the total amount recovered.
  • Provide Client a report that will show variances between monthly invoices on the same accounts. This report can be used to resolve any unauthorized expense increases.
  • Provide Client a customized report detailing spend on each account issued on a monthly basis.