Once all of your services are verified and billed correctly, why not have The ADVO Group continue with the management of your day to day telecommunications needs.  We will continually update your inventory, manage future projects, make changes or additions to your existing services and provide contract negotiations support.  We will save you time and expenses so you can focus on your business opportunities.

The ADVO Group offers a variety of auditing and consulting services to businesses in need of proven talent in the telecommunications field. Our knowledge base draws on years of experience working with communications providers and successfully serving customers in this complex industry.

Specializing in the audit of your telecommunication expenditures, and the assessment of vendor contracts you have in place or are beginning to negotiate, we offer capabilities not found in most consultancies of this type. We have in-depth experience with service provider billing systems and processes. With a significant portfolio of  successful customer engagements, we are well equipped to deliver the results that you expect.

In performing the telecommunications audit, we’ll care for all necessary functions to correct billing errors and negotiate any credits due from your vendors. If you are considering making changes to your existing network, we will evaluate new vendors and services on your behalf, so you are assured of having the most reliable services at the best possible rate. If you are in need of project management support or someone to perform day-to-day telecom tasks, our experienced staff can provide those resources.